Thursday, March 23, 2006

Osama + Saddam = The Truth

I hate to say "I told you so...."

Actually, I LOVE saying "I told you so, " particularly to the anti-Bush boneheads who spent the past three years intentionally blinding themselves to the fact that Saddam and Osama bin Laden had mutual interests and a working relationship. It's old news to anyone with common sense and who was willing to read the available public record.

But now the Osama/Saddam connection is so obvious that even ABC NEWS (!) has figured it out:

A newly released pre-war Iraqi document indicates that an official representative of Saddam Hussein's government met with Osama bin Laden in Sudan on February 19, 1995 after approval by Saddam Hussein. Bin Laden asked that Iraq broadcast the lectures of Suleiman al Ouda, a radical Saudi preacher, and suggested "carrying out joint operations against foreign [American] forces" in Saudi Arabia. According to the document, Saddam's presidency was informed of the details of the meeting on March 4, 1995 and Saddam agreed to dedicate a program for them on the radio. The document states that further "development of the relationship and cooperation between the two parties to be left according to what's open (in the future) based on dialogue and agreement on other ways of cooperation."

There's much, much more to this story--Osama sent representatives to the wedding of one of Saddam's sons, for example--but I'm sure that the "Bush Sucks!" crowd will continue to ignore the facts and insist that Saddam should be in power today.

Osama bin Laden, by the way, feels the same way, too.