Tuesday, May 09, 2006

We Watch The Illegals, The US Watches Us

That's what the Minutemen found out this week when a California newspaper broke the story that our US Customs and Border Patrol is monitoring their activities and giving that information to the government of Mexico. Worse, according to the Minutemen, it's not just the groups activities at the border that the US government is tracking for the Mexicans. CBP is also spying on the Minutemen here in Massachusetts and in other states.

Folks, we've gone beyond amnesty. This is our government actively working to ensure that illegal immigration continues. This is a form of domestic spying on people who are trying to ENFORCE the law, not break it. The more the Minutemen do to defend us, the more the Bushies try to stop them.

President Bush, in case you're confused, you are NOT the president of Mexico. At least, not yet.