Monday, September 18, 2006

The ISB's Favorite Imam Declares A Muslim "Day Of Rage"

Sheik Al-Qaradawi, friend of Menino's Mosque here in Boston and noted Islamo-feminist (he called for suicide bombings by WOMEN terrorists) has called on Muslims world to respond to the Pope's comments with a "day of rage."

Part of their ongoing PR campaign: "Muslims: Stop Calling Us 'Violent,' Or We'll Kill You."

My question is, what day for Arab Muslims is NOT a day of rage? Is there ever a "day of reasoned discourse?" or "day of open debate" or even "day of just hangin' with our Hebrew homies?"

I say that we respond to the Muslim's "Day Of Rage" by declaring Friday a "Day Of Reason." Let's get lots of people of different faiths, different races, sexes, etc. together and debate different ideas. Let's agree, let's disagree, let's stridently disagree--and then NOT set anthing on fire, overturn any cars or shoot anyone!

Nothing angers this Islamist nitwits more than reason, so it will be a win-win. The more reasonable we are, the more rage they'll have. It's perfect!

If you want to participate in the Day of Reason, email me at