Tuesday, September 26, 2006

They Debate, You Decide

Due to an email snafu on my end, I wasn't able to post any of your real-time emails during last night's debate. My sincere apologies.

However, the 96.9 listeners had some terrific comments, so I'm posting a few here for your review. To add your own, email michaelgraham@969fmtalk.com

SEAN: "Some people actually hate healey for being an elitist snob. my wife for instance. she hates what patrick stands for but closes her eyes."

SUSAN: "I think Christy should have run as a Republican. can you say Gov Patrick ???? OH God Help us. This state will get exactly what is deserves if we elect a left wing Clintonite like Patrick. Why doesn't someone ask the question why illegals can get subsidized housing, while American citizens are shut out of that housing. What a shame. Our citizenship means nothing anymore in this State."

CHRISTINE: "Healy-Mihos 2006? I don’t know, could be the winning ticket"

DEAN: "Kerry Healey, in this debate, came off a smug, arrogant, aloof and the queen of giggle. Kerry wouldn't even acknowledge Ms Ross which came off very bad. Deval seemed to start the 'can't we all get along, I agree with everyone' club. Christy Mihos, said 'illegal' and not "undocumented". Christy just got my vote!"

LORI: "What the heck is Ms. Healey talking about - budget surplus? If there is a surplus, obviously someone isn't managing the Commonwealth correctly - there should NOT be a surplus when there are still schools falling apart (literally - visit UMASS Boston!), whicle we are still paying tolls on roads long paid for, and certainly not when we need so much help with fighting the crimalien invasion."

CYNTHIA: "Considering it was 3 against 1, I think she held her own pretty well. What professional communicators need to understand is ...Have you ever seen 'Charlie Brown' when the teacher speaks and all you hear is, 'Whaw, whaw, whaw, whaw?' Well, people hear, 'whaw, whaw, whaw, against giving licenses to illegal aliens.' 'Whaw, whaw, whaw, roll back taxes,' etc."