Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Deval Patrick: The NEW Mike Dukakis?

This is Willie Horton. He was a notorious murderer allowed to go free by the liberal policies of Michael Dukakis. He went on to commit yet another horrific crime.
This is Ben LaGuer. He's a notorious rapist. Until last month, his website featured a supportive quote from MA gubernatorial candidate Deval Patrick--who is proud to be supported by Mike Dukakis. For years, Patrick urged LaGuer be released or, at the least, re-tried.

This is today's Boston Globe, reporting that Deval Patrick and his campaign lied at least two times about Patrick's support for LaGuer. This is Patrick's campaign admitting they "misled reporters" about his pro-LeGuer efforts.

And this is Deval Patrick last year, when he was asked by reporters for the first time about Willie Horton:

“Would you have let Willie Horton out on furlough?” Patrick was asked.

“I have no idea about Willie Horton’s background, history, what that furlough program is,” he replied, visibly exasperated.

“Should first-degree murderers be eligible for furloughs?”

“Let me try to be clearer,” snapped Patrick. “The death penalty does not work. And in the case of those who are convicted of the most serious crimes, I believe in life without possibility of parole.

“Or furlough?”

Without possibility of parole.”

And THIS is the man 55% of Massachusetts' residents want to be their next governor.

UPDATE: The story gets worse. When pressed by reporters, Patrick acknowledged that he had not investigated LaGuer's case. So why did he get involved in the first place? The Globe says:

"Patrick said reports that racism may have played a role in LaGuer's conviction convinced him to advocate on LaGuer's behalf."