Friday, November 17, 2006

C'mon, Deval--You're Better Than That!

It turns out that Deval Patrick is a fan of casino gambling. It also turns out that he is open to the idea of bringing casinos to Massachusetts--perhaps hoping that it will make up for some of the jobs that will be fleeing the state once he works his "magic" on the economy.

I, for one, am delighted and puzzled. As a cruel, mean-spirited conservative, I LOVE gambling. It's a great way to separate suckers from their money. And since I don't gamble, every dollar that goes to the state is a dollar I don't have to pay. Perfect!

Do the economic and social costs of gambling fall more heavily upon low-income/minority families? Absolutely. But I don't care--I believe in freedom, even for people who can't do math.

That's why I love the lottery. It's the ideal form of taxation: A voluntary tax on the stupid. And I love highly-taxed casino gambling.

But can someone tell me why Deval "We're Better Than That" Patrick is a fan, too? Doesn't he care about the poor people, the elderly on fixed incomes and the minority families who will see a disproportionate amount of their income sucked up at the black jack tables and slot machines? Does he really think making money outweighs the impact to the vulnerable in our society?

To paraphrase former Sen. John Edwards: Who does he think he is? Wal-Mart?

Has Deval Patrick already abandoned his principles?

Those of you impolitic enough to ask "WHAT principles" need not reply.