Friday, December 08, 2006

Another Proud Member Of The Religion Of Peace

Another day, another whackjob Islamist trying to blow people up. This time, in Chicago, IL.

It's such a common story that, normally, it wouldn't be worth mentioning. However, I spent quite a bit of time this week being asked to defend my statement "Islam is a uniquely dangerous religion." Bill Press just about jumped out of his chair when we were on MSNBC together earlier this week. He denounced the comments and then point to...The Crusades.

Folks, please--stop being stupid in defense of (so-called) tolerance. The Crusades were 700 years ago. I'd be willing to bet that sometime in the past seven hours, someone was blown up, beheaded or beaten in the name of Mohammed. Would you take that bet?

I have no comment on the "true" nature of Islam. I never debate people who call me and insist that people screaming "Allahu Akbar" and waving Korans as they cut off an infidel's head aren't really Muslims.

But it is sheer idiocy to argue that Islam's relationship to terrorism is identical to Christianity's or Buddhism's or Scientology's. Was there ever a moment when today's story out of Chicago broke that you even wondered "Gee, I wonder what religion motivated this guy to throw grenades at families shopping in the mall? Hmmmm....probably a Quaker...."

So argue all you want about how evil Israel is or how inept America's foreign policy has been, blah, blah, blah. I'm happy to consider your position. But please--lose the "Islam is a religion of peace" crap. It's nonsense, and worse--you know it's nonsense.

Any cause that demands your willingness to be stupid is a cause you should abandon at once.