Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Deval Loses...AGAIN!

What's worse than announcing publicly that you are a total political hack with no principles? Making that announcement on the eve of a vote..and then LOSING.
That's Deval Patrick's legacy, and the poor guy hasn't even taken office yet.

He's already abandoned his promise to lower property taxes. He's already announced his support for a tax hike. And he's already given up on cutting $700 million in government waste.

Today, he utterly shamed himself by directly asking the legislature to ignore the Constitution and adjourn without voting on the people's petition re: marriage. Even the SJC's direct statement that the legislature's mandate to act is "beyond serious debate" didn't stop super-lefty Deval. He still says "The law? SCREW the law. I'm lookin' for votes!"

The Massachusetts legislature, it turns out, isn't quite as shameless as our new governor. The unanimous court announcement in favor of (shock!) the rule of law was too much for even DiMasi and Travaglini.
Deval Patrick, by the way, is scheduled to take an oath to uphold a Constitution he has already announced he plans to ignore--which proves what a go-getter Deval Patrick really is.

Most politicians usually wait until AFTER they're sworn in before they start lying. We'll get to see Deval Patrick commit perjury at his own swearing ceremony, live on TV!