Monday, February 12, 2007

Deval Patrick Can't Resist A Man In A Uniform

Particularly when it's an orange jump suit.

First he spent years lobbying to get
a rapist/torturer out of prison and back on the streets. (Then tried to cover it up during his gubernatorial campaign);

Then he used his authority in the Clinton administration to repeatedly sue prisons over
chilled tuna and inflated basketballs for felons.

Now Deval Patrick wants to
keep employers from finding out about the criminal records of prospective employees. The Patrick plan will make it easier for criminals to get jobs...through deception. Right now, the convict can apply for any job, but the employer gets to know who he's hiring. That's the only thing Patrick would change: What the employer gets to know.

Who wins? Crooks. Who loses? Taxpaying business owners trying to protect themselves and their customers by making informed hiring decisions.

Classic Deval Patrick.