Wednesday, April 25, 2007

You're Fat? You're Fired!

And why not? Since I'm already free to discriminate against employees who smoke--forcing them to quit, firing them for smoking, making them pay more for health insurance premiums--why can't I do the same to people who choose to eat too much?

This study makes it clear that hiring overweight people is a fiscal loser for business owners. What's the difference between nicotine addicts and those hooked on Nutty Buddies?

It's against the law to "discriminate" against overweight people. In other words, I can fire a smoker who does a good job, but if I refuse to hire Hillary Hippo to work as a receptionist at my health club, I can (and will be) sued--even though she is going to cost me more money and take more days off?

Ain't that America...