Thursday, June 28, 2007

NH Rep. Lily Mesa: Dumber Than She Sounds

If you've listened to my interview with the "Pride of Manchester, NH here (alas, English subtitles are not available), you may find it impossible to believe. But it turns out that Rep. Mesa sounds even more clueless when you can understand what she's saying.

Here's an excerpt from a recent article she wrote on illegal immigration:

"When people outside the USA live in extreme poverty conditions, and there are no opportunities to better themselves or their families, they see the USA as the greatest country in the world, where they can accomplish all their goals, provide for their families, and give their children a future.

But the reality is totally different when they arrive here and get hit with it in their face. The so-called “freedom” doesn’t exist. They cannot walk on the streets without feeling fear of others looking at them differently because they think they don’t belong here. They cannot find a good job because of their legal status..."

But wait, Rep. Mesa--if they're here illegally, is it really the case that we Americans merely "think they don't belong here?" Isn't it true that they really DON'T. You know, since they're here in violation of the law?

Does anyone know the Spanish word for "moron?"