Friday, January 11, 2008

Barak Obama "Likes To Watch."

Charles Krauthammer is one of the smartest political observers today, and he makes this insightful observation about Sen. Barack Obama in his latest column:

One does not have to be sympathetic to the Clintons to understand their bewilderment at Obama's pre-New Hampshire canonization. The man comes from nowhere with a track record as thin as Chauncey Gardiner's. Yet, as Bill Clinton correctly, if clumsily, complained, Obama gets a free pass from the press.
As soon as I read "Chauncey Gardiner," I thought "That's it!" Like the main character in one of the greatest political movies of all time, Obama's complete lack of experience or leadership record allows us to project onto his blank slate all of our own dreams, desires and assumptions.

No experience, no clue? No problem! That's the Barack Obama mantra.

Nobody argues that Sen. Obama is dumb. He's clearly a smart guy. But if I had to choose between a President Gardiner and Obama's economic socialism and foreign policy naivete, it would be a coin toss.