Friday, February 29, 2008

I Hate To Say "I Told You So"...

OK, actually I love saying "I told you so" to anti-war weenies who've thrown away their brains.

Sen. "He's Not A Muslim" claimed in a debate that American soldiers in Afghanistan forced to rely on captured Taliban weapons and ammo because "it's easier to get weapons from the Taliban than from their Commander-in-Chief." I called BS on him, a call that was echoed through the media.

Many Bush-bashers insisted the story must be true because "Bush sucks." That's considered an argument by the American Left.

But Jack Jacobs, a retired Army colonel and Imus regular is no friend of Bush, and he confirms what every person I've told to who's served in Afghanistan has told me:

But last week, during his debate with Clinton, Obama tried speaking about substance when he mentioned the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, and he displayed an astounding ignorance of the military instrument. He said that an anonymous U.S. Army captain told him that his infantry platoon was split and sent to different areas of operations; that they were lacking vehicles; and that they had insufficient ammunition to fight.

Although problems do occur in combat situations to be sure, none of what Obama related makes any sense and is, according to people with whom I spoke, untrue. Units the size of platoons are not sent to separate theaters, ammunition has been plentiful, and an investigation indicates that the unit in question was missing only one of its Humvees, all to no peril of the unit.

In other words, Sen. "Not A Muslim" had no idea what he was talking about. But the mainsteam media ignored it, possibly because the Illinois senator not understanding military matters simply isn't news.