Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Boosters For Barack

I don't just mean Bill Press, who joins us this morning to talk about Hillary's big win in Pennsylvania. The media just cannot get over their man-crush on Barack.

Dorothy Rabinowitz covers the subject well in the Wall Street Journal today.

Rabinowitz calls out Philadelphia's Will Bunch, who continued his "Obama Uber Alles" scribblings even as Sen. Obama went down to defeat, insisting that, because Obama didn't lose by MORE, it must prove no voters care about Rev. Wright, his elitism, terrorist pals, etc.

Gee, Will, you don't think outspending Hillary by $8 million might have had something to do with that? Nah, it had to be that white, Catholic males in Scranton think attending a racist, anti-Semitic hate church for 20 years is no big deal.

The media are not biased re: Obama. They've moved beyond that. They are Boosters for Barack, promoting his candidacy and dismissing all criticism as a sign of moral failure by the critics. Olbermann and Matthews on MSNBC Tuesday night were in full moral outrage mode, for example, over reports that the North Carolina Republican Party is planning to demand that local Democratic candidates denounce Barack Obama's relationship with Rev. Wright and William Ayers. According to the Olbermann/Matthews brain trust, this is blatant racism, a return to "Jesse Helms" politics.

Excuse me? First of all, Bill Ayers is a WHITE guy. Second, Sen. Obama himself keeps saying he's renounced some of Rev. Wright's comments, they were bad, blah, blah. He sees the problem himself, obviously.

But it's racist when Republicans notice, too? The press are completely in the tank, and it's not pretty.