Friday, March 24, 2006

Harvard Says "No" to Sudan, "Yes" to Neo-Nazis!

You gotta love those open-minded liberals at Harvard Yard. Today, their liberal values caused them to divest monies in Sinopec Corp., "citing grave concerns about the Chinese company's involvement in oil production ventures with the Sudanese government," the Boston Globe reports.

Well, that's nice. Harvard takes actions to defend its values. Good.

So what should we conclude from the fact that Harvard still has the $20 million it recently received from Sheik bin Talal, proud sponsor of murder-bombers and their families in the West Bank and Gaza? Why would the Muslim-on-Christian violence in Sudan concern Harvard so much more than the Muslim-on-Israeli violence sponsored by their big-money donor?

Could it be yet another reflection of the values of Harvard itself? After all, just this week the academic dean of Harvard's Kennedy School of government released a paper he co-wrote about the dangers of the nefarious "Israel lobby," a paper that David Duke publicly endorsed and Alan Dershowitz denounced as bigotry. Dershowitz has shown that some of the points made in this "academic report" echo nearly verbatim content from anti-semitic and neo-Nazi website.

So how many Jews do you have to kill before Harvard will turn down your money? How many anti-semitic sources does it take before Harvard will decline to publish your ideas?