Thursday, June 29, 2006

Captain Courageous Runs For Governor!

You've got to love the strong leadership of Duval "77 Acres And A Mercedes" Patrick. Here he is, boldly speaking out on whether the legislature should let the citizens of Massachusetts vote on the legal definition of a marriage:
"I'm not in the Legislature but I wish they wouldn't" vote on the matter, Patrick said. "I think we've had enough of this debate. I've been married for 22 years in a straight marriage; there's nothing about gay marriage that threatens my marriage." When pressed, Patrick added, "I'm going to let the Legislature run the Legislature."
Now THAT'S bold leadership for Massachusetts. Duval Patrick's supporters--particularly in the gay and lesbian community--must be so proud.
According to the same Boston Globe story, in the same Democratic debate Duval "I'm not going to run the legislature" urged the legislature to vote to repeal a 1913 law the prevents same-sex couples who reside in other states from marrying in Massachusetts.
Why, Mr. Patrick, are you willing to push the legislature on one vote, but not the other? Could it be that opposing the democratic process on same-sex marriage is wrong, you know it's wrong, but you're afraid of losing the votes of angry, irrational activist gay voters?
Like I said: That's courage.