Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Why It Sucks To Be Israel

The Israeli Army has invaded Gaza in an attempt to rescue one of its soldiers kidnapped from within Israel by Palestinian terrorists. The AP is reporting that Israel is currently detaining some Hamas officials because

Israel blames Hamas for the attack Sunday in which two soldiers were killed and
a third captured when militants tunneled under the border and attacked an army
post, setting off the invasion.

"Israel blames Hamas?" So says the AP. Just Israel, making an accusation. It's "He Said, She Said," is that right, Associated Press?

Hmmm....Let's check the AP reporting from three days ago:

Three militant groups, including the armed wing of the ruling Hamas movement, claimed responsibility for the attack. The two other groups involved were the popular resistance committees, an umbrella grouping of radical militants, and a hitherto little-known organization called
'The Islamic Army.' Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said the assault was 'a natural attack on the Israeli occupation crimes.'

OK, so is it Israel blaming Hamas, or is it Hamas blaming Hamas? AP reports, you decide.

Because, sadly, the AP can't decide for themselves.