Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Amnesty Gets The Death Sentence

Hooray! The hideous, awful, odious amnesty plan (ooops, sorry Sen. McCain--the BANANA) is dead! The House of Representatives is planning hearings before it will even convene a conference committee to negotiate with the US Senate. That means there won't be time to negotiate which means (Thank you, God) NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN!

Why is this such good news?

a) It stops amnesty, which means it stops at least 12 million immigration criminals from being rewarded for their bad behavior. It also means the millions who, according to the Center for Immigration Studies, were going to apply for amnesty illegally won't be able to. Stopping this outrageous amnesty disaster is a good thing.

b) It gives President Bush a chance to prove once and for all whether we can actually enforce immigration laws. He's got about a year to prove that the Department fo Homeland Security can consistently crack down on businesses that hire illegal immigrants, and prove that they really are going to stop releasing OTMs (immigrants from nations "other than Mexico) into American society--the current policy. Around 38,000 of those OTMs are from terror-sponsoring countries or their allies.

c) It gives voters in November a reason to vote Republican. Obviously there are plenty of pro-amnesty Republicans, but there are virtually NO anti-amnesty Democrats. If the Dems get power, amnesty follows immediately. That's a good reason for conservatives to show up and vote.