Monday, June 19, 2006

Want To Help Haleigh?

Here's the new report out on how the DSS failed Haleigh Poutre, the little girl whose step-losers beat, burned and abused her for nearly three years under the supervision of DSS. When Haleigh was finally beaten into a coma, even DSS finally noticed "Hey, that ain't right!"

DSS took three years to figure out they were keeping Haleigh trapped in a home with her abusers, but just 10 days to ask for permission to unplug her from life support...even after she had begun to improve!

The punchline? Nobody gets fired. Nobody. Not her case worker, not the head of DSS. Nobody. And it all happens on Gov. Mitt Romney's watch.

There are, thankfully, people fighting for Haleigh. Susan Molina of the Yellow Ribbon Kids Club is keeping the heat up. You can help by contacting your legislators or the governor using the information here.