Wednesday, June 14, 2006

More "Inconvenient Truth" For Al Gore

UPDATE! A new report shows that, while many scientists buy into the "global warming" scare, most of those scientists AREN'T climatologists. So while Al Gore's agenda may be supported by a majority of gynecologists and professors of animal husbandry, the scientists who specialize in climate science know he's full of hot air.

Geez, Al, have a Valium, really. You're going to blow a gasket if you don't get a grip.

If you're looking for a place to start, you might try...the facts!

I don't find the truth "inconvenient," despite the title of your pseudo-documentary, and it certainly isn't slowing you down any. Why here's a list of inaccurate statements you delivered to Jim Braude on 96.9 FM TALK earlier today:

  • "Oceans have been warmed and we’re having stronger hurricanes."
  • "The North Pole is melting and may be completely gone in a few decades."
  • There's an immediate threat of catastrophic sea level rise.
  • Germs and viruses moving around the world.
  • “We are the largest force of nature.”
  • "Pollution is trapping a lot more of the sun’s heat and cooking the planet”

Uh, no Al. None of these statemetns are true, at least not in any meaningful way.

For example, the North Pole is not melting. And, no, we're not about to be flooded out.

We'll be dropping the N-bomb (Natural Truth Bomb) on your hysteria today.