Friday, June 09, 2006

The ACL-osers Strike Again!

Two weeks ago, I mentioned " target=_blank>this story from Philly about Geno's saying "When Ordering, Speak English." It's similar to another story from Ohio where a tavern owner (see photo left) posted a "For Service, Speak English" and then was prosecuted by the state government. Fortunately a rational judge eventually got involved and the case was dismissed.

But notice what the sign on the right side of the window says: "Merry Christmas, ACLU." That's not a message about the holidays. It's a comment on the ACLU's lack of comment in this case. The ACLU refused to defend this American and his right to speak from a government that was literally prosecuting him for his opinion. What--the ACLU lost his phone number?

It's an interesting and recurring problem for the folks who USED to defend civil rights and unpopular opinions as a matter of principle. Not anymore. Today, the ACLU believes every person is entitled to express an opinion as long as it doesn't offend the ACLU.

Take the classic, ongoing case of the Islamic Society of Boston being given more than $500,000 in free property upon which to build a mosque. That's right: a taxpayer-subsidized place of worship. Who would you expect to lead the charge against this clear violation of state-sponsored religion? The ACLU!

Except they aren't. The same mob that grabs the pitchforks and heads for city hall over a rumor that someone tacked a Christmas card to the bulletin board refuses to take any action over the city of Boston using tax dollars to build a MOSQUE!

ACLU: The L is for "losers."