Tuesday, May 30, 2006

King Philip High School: No Military Need Apply

King Philip Regional, a small public high school in Wrentham, MA has two graduates who've received appointments to West Point. That's quite an accomplishment for the school and the suburban communities it serves.

So why, then, won't the superintendent of schools allow representatives of the military participate in the awards ceremony for graduates and present them with their appointments? Why won't the high school principal answer questions from parents about the decision to bar military presenters from the awards event?

The Kiwanis, the local book club, and various other groups will be honoring graduates tomorrow night. Why not West Point or the ROTC? Do they have some problem with the US military?

You can ask the superintendent for yourself:

Richard J Robbat, Superintendent Mailing Address: 18 King StreetNorfolk, MA 02056
Phone: (508) 520-7991FAX: (508) 520-2044E-mail: robbatr@kingphilip.org

And you can meet these two future cadets here.

Channel 5 is on the story, too!

If I can ever get an official from King Philip to answer these questions, you'll hear it on 96.9 FM TALK.