Friday, May 26, 2006


Republican US Senator Judd Gregg of New Hampshire was one of 23 Republicans who voted in favor of:

--Amnesty for immigration criminals;

--Social Security benefits for people who committed Social Security fraud while working illegally in the US;

--Amnesty for every employer who committed tax and Social Security fraud hiring illegals;

--Requiring the American government to consult with the Mexican government BEFORE building a security fence on our border.

--Bringing at least 60 million new non-Americans to the US in the next 20 years.

Why would Sen. Gregg of New Hampshire, widely viewed as a conservative Republican, vote for open borders and amnesty? If you live in New Hampshire, ask him!

His NH offices are:

41 Hooksett Road Manchester, NH 03104(603) 622-7979

125 North Main Street Concord, NH 03301(603) 225-7115

16 Pease Boulevard Portsmouth, NH 03801(603) 431-2171