Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Listener Linda Nails The "24" Finale

Hi Michael –

I am a faithful listener and love that there is someone else equally as addicted to “24” as I am! I can’t seem to get through on the phone, but here are just a few random thoughts…

Granted, I was disappointed with the beginning of the season. Jack was caught and released (or escaped) more than an underweight bass and the story line was a little, well, trite. On the whole, though, the season didn’t disappoint.

Audrey – I hate her. I hated her last season and I hate her still. It just bugs me that Jack is in love with her. I really wanted him to pull her fingernails out when she was fingered as a traitor.

Curtis doesn’t get nearly enough screen time.

Aaron is the man. As a matter of fact, so is Chloe.

How gross does Jack feel that his daughter is dating a guy his age? On the same note – what’s up with C.Thomas Howell’s face? Does he exfoliate with sandpaper? What happened to Ponyboy?

Still, my all-time favorite Jackism of the season (maybe even the whole series) – “The only reason you’re still conscious is because I don’t want to carry you.”

How is it that Mike Novick has worked for and betrayed TWO presidents and is still working for the government?

Although Jack Bauer is most certainly hot, Chloe O’Brien is most certainly not – so they’re never going to end up together. However, if you think she didn’t fantasize about Jack when she’s in bed with the Eye Candy boy from the beginning of the season, you are gravely mistaken.

In regard to the season finale:

LOVED LOVED LOVED it when Jack killed Henderson. No drama, so suspense – it was just: “you killed my friends, you’re smug about it, f-you, you’re dead.” Completely outstanding moment. Nothing to do with intimidation or punishment – Jack just didn’t want him to breathe anymore.

Giving the kid directions on how to kill the bad guy – at least now I know how it’s done properly.

The look on Martha’s face on that podium when President Petunia is getting arrested – absolutely priceless and worth every moment we had to watch him snivel and whine this season. Nothing like giving your husband the finger with a smile.

Another favorite moment: when Jack killed that Russian separatist with a knife to the throat from the front (not the side). I loved that while the guy was still struggling to breath, Jack grunts “we’re all clear” right in his still conscious face. And then pulls his hand away without a drop of blood on it. Classic Bauer.

I can’t believe you are a die hard 24 fan – yet you also watch American Idol. Deeply disturbing.