Thursday, May 18, 2006

This Man Wants To Be Your Next Governor

Former Clinton official Deval Patrick wants to be the next governor of Massachusetts. He also wants to give driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. And he wants tazpayers to pay for illegals to attend college is Massachusetts, too.

In the Boston Globe, Mr. Patrick was asked what the commonwealth should do about the fact that Massachusetts is losing population to other, less expensive states. Cut income taxes, perhaps?

"[Patrick] said that reducing the income tax rate could make Massachusetts a less attractive place to live." [emphasis added].

You know, you are so right. Who would want to pay lower taxes? Why, what a crazy idea! People LIKE paying high taxes. In fact, if we want more people to live in Massachusetts, we should RAISE taxes. That's the ticket!

And you wonder why Republicans keep winning the governor's mansion in MA.....