Monday, June 19, 2006

Tom Reilly Sees No Evil

The Boston Globe (yes, THAT Boston Globe) had a great piece about how a third of the workers they tracked at public works construction jobs "lack legitimate Social Security numbers," a.k.a. "illegal immigrants."

The state and local governments paying for these projects blame the contractors. The contractors blame the federal government and can't tell who's really illegal. Then again, one of the contractors in the Globe story accepted the Social Security number 666-66-6666.

Meanwhile, every person who hires an illegal immigrant is breaking Massachusetts law right now. These state contractors supposedly agree to obey the laws of Massachusetts when they get the bids.

So why aren't these contractors in jail? Why haven't these illegal immigrants on the front page of the Globe been deported?

Because that job is in the hands would-be governor Tom Reilly. And Tom Reilly during his entire term in office has yet to prosecute even ONE illegal immigration case.

On Planet Earth, a guy who wanted to be governor would love the chance to fight for blue-collar workers and protect these public works jobs for American workers (and voters). But this is Planet Kennedy, where playing the race card trumps everything else. Reilly is never going to alienate Hispanic activists by enforcing the law.

We can expect a similar level of leadership from a GOVERNOR Reilly, too.