Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Mitt Makes His Move On Immigration

Governor Romney gets a two-fer on the immigration issue by announcing he wants Massachusetts state troopers to be authorized to arrest illegal immigrants.

First, it puts him on the right side of immigration in the presidential race, and it does so in a non-provocative way. He's not calling for new laws or dragging immigrant kids out of classrooms. He's just enforcing the law, a position that according to Pew Research, a majority of Hispanic Americans support.

Second, it's gives a boost to the GOP nominee to replace Romney, Lt. Governor Kerry Healy. Romney's announcement is in reaction to a series of news stories about illegal immigrants working at tax-funded public works projects and the refusal of Democratic Attorney General Tom Reilly to take any actions to stop it. In fact, Reilly--who is in a three-way gubernatorial primary race--has announced he will not enforce any immigration laws under any circumstances.

Calling out the state troopers on immigration is the kind of politically-savvy move that should make Romney supporters feel good about his prospects in '08.