Monday, July 24, 2006

Boston: New Jews Need Apply?

Is there something in the water here in Boston?

First, Harvard University--which still wants to throw US military recruiters of its law school campus because their presence is "too offensive"--accepts $20 million from terrorism-sponsor Sheik bin Talal. Kill Jews? No problem, says Harvard.

Then we find out about anti-Semitic Andover High teacher Ron Francis who, when he's not trying to stop local governments from investing in Israel, he's announcing his support for Hamas.

Then there was the white paper from Harvard's JFK School of Government about the alleged Jewish cabal running US foreign policy.

And don't forget City Councillor Chuck Turner publicly denouncing Israel at a rally sponsored by a group calling for the total destruction of Israel.

Now we've got Bostonians rallying downtown on behalf of Hezbollah...and proud of it! When I first saw these signs, I thought they were parodys by defenders of Israel. Nope. These are real Bostonians declaring their real support for Hezbollah terrorists and dead Israeli civilians.

There are places in America where such public statements would stick out as so extreme and hateful that the community would rise up in response. But not Boston. Thus far, there has been almost no reaction to Friday's rally supporting anti-Semitic murderers.

In California, Gov. Schwarzenegger spoke at a pro-Israel rally and clearly defended Israel's right to fight back. Have you heard anything similar here in Massachusetts?