Thursday, July 13, 2006

A Massachusetts Legislator (Accidentally) Tells The Truth!

My nominee for "Most Honest State Legislator in America" has to be Thomas Sannicandro (D-Ashland) for revealing to the Boston Herald exactly how Massachusetts politics really works. Explaining his vote to postpone the constitutional convention on the same-sex marriage amendment until after November's election,

Sannicandro, who supports same-sex marriage, said he voted for the delay so fellow lawmakers could vote without the pressure of having to face voters soon thereafter. “They will absolutely vote their conscience because there’s no campaign issue or no election in front of them,” he said. [emphasis added]

In other words, Rep. Sannicandro admits that he normally doesn't vote his conscience because he's scared of the voters. But finally--he and his fellow politicians are free! Free of the horrible burden of democracy! Better still, this makes it easier for the legislators to vote against allowing the people to vote on the marriage issue, which means even LESS democracy!

Hooray! Down with democracy! Down with the people!

What an interesting campaign slogan for the Massachusetts Democratic Party...

The complete rundown on how Massachusetts' courageous leaders voted to not vote until after the election is here.