Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Matt Amorello Says "These Tunnels Are Safe."

But the Boston Globe reported a month ago that the Big Dig tunnels are leaking 1.1 million gallons a month...or more.

No, the poor woman who died last night wasn't drown to death. She was killed by parts of the tunnel falling on her car. However, as the Globe noted:

The high volume of water is a concern because it indicates the Big Dig's steps to address the leaks may be only partially successful after more than a year. Also, because water weakens concrete and deteriorates steel [emphasis added], the state may be stuck with higher maintenance costs in the future, as more crews are needed for frequent inspections and repairs.

Meanwhile, the Big Dig has been leaking like a seive since the first tunnel opened--a million gallons a month is actually an IMPROVEMENT--so how much damage did three years of water do in the tunnel that failed last night?