Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Don't Know Much About History...

That's the Boston Globe's slogan on the North Korea nuclear missile issue. They've published what they call a "Timeline Of [the] North Korea Nuclear Standoff." And when does the Boston Globe believe this story begins?

Why, 2002, of course. Because that's when the NKs were caught cheating on the lame, "only a moron would believe the North Koreans" treaty they signed with the US back in 1994--a treaty they violated constantly during the 1990s.

Oh, and what geniuses brought us this treaty, the document that gave the North Koreans the time and cover they needed to develop nuclear weapons and bigger missiles to deliver them?

That would be President Super-Genius, William J. Clinton and his sidekick Madeline Albright.

None of this gets mentioned by the Globe. For some unimaginable reason, they believe the NK nuclear story began AFTER George W. Bush became president and inherited the problem from some previous, unnamed administration.

Here are some facts and history you won't find in the Globe today. More here, too.