Monday, July 03, 2006

Are You Afraid Of This Man?

Your Massachusetts public schools are. According to the Boston Globe, angry teachers are denouncing this issue of Cobblestone magazine because they fear it might make their students think highly of our military.

What an outrage!

Teachers are offended that the teacher's guide for this issue suggests inviting a member of (horrors!) the military into the classroom and then asking the students if THEY might want to serve one day.

Cobblestone is a Weekly Reader-like mag for students 9-14 YEARS OLD, by the way. But that hasn't stopped the anti-military liberals in the MA public school system from accusing it of being in league with GWBush, Don Rumsfeld and Halliburton.

"Some of the teachers were like 'Holy Cow, look at this,' " said 6th Grade teacher Francis Lunney (looney?), who quickly lodged a complaint with the magazine's publishers in New Hampshire.

How many times has Mr. Lunney invited a doctor or lawyer or auto mechanic into his class, and them asked the kids if they might want to do that work one day, too? How many times has he asked them how they felt about some other occupation? If he teaches sex ed, how many times has he asked them if they think they'll grow up to be gay?

But when it comes to the United State Armed Services, it's Don't Ask--Don't Tell for the looney lefties in our public schools.