Friday, July 07, 2006

"Illegal Immigration Has NOTHING To Do With Terrorism!"

Oh, really? Before you say that in public again, my lefty friend, you may want to read this round-up of testimony from intelligence and border enforcement officials.

Among the highlights:

"It is undeniable that terrorists have entered the United States by
crossing our land borders illegally. The empirical evidence of terrorist entry
is significant... On July 19, 2004, [Al Qaeda terrorist Farida] Ahmed was
arrested in McAllen, Texas after crossing into the United States three days
earlier. She had waded across the Rio Grande, and was bound for New York City.
Terrorists know all about our porous southern border..." Kris Kobach,
Professor of Law, University of Missouri - Kansas City

"Unfortunately, illegal aliens and contraband smuggled across the border by
sophisticated organizations are rarely detected and apprehended. To cite but one
example, in September of 2004 the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement
announced that it had broken up a smuggling ring responsible for bringing more
than 200 illegal aliens from Iraq and Jordan to Detroit, Michigan across our
southern border over a period of about three years."--T.J. Bonner, National
President National Border Patrol Council of the AFL-CIO