Saturday, July 08, 2006

Remember Our Friend Miryam Wiley?

She's the columnist with the MetroWest Daily News who joined us at our live broadcast from Ken's Steak House not long ago and discussed the illegal immigration--pardon me, Miryam, that's the "undocumented worker"--issue. If you recall, she impressed us all with her iron will and astonishing self control by admitting that she listens to NPR for hours every day...WITHOUT falling asleep!


Anyway, Miryam writes about our on-air conversation in her latest column, and obviously I'm flattered to be included. I urge you to read it for yourself, not for what it says about me, but rather what it says about Ms. Wiley and, in turn, the supporters of open borders and amnesty.

Her thesis, such as it is, is that I seem like a rather pleasant chap and not a complete dimwit, so isn't it a shame that I am so ignorant and closed minded? The evidence of my ignorance is that I have committed the incomprehensible failing of refusing to agree with Miryam Wiley.

Now, it is entirely possible that Ms. Wiley has brilliant arguments on behalf of abandoning all border enforcement, arguments that I am unable to refut. That's possible. Unfortunately for the reader, none of these arguments against my simple-minded position (enforce the law, reward good behavior and punish criminals) are presented in this column. Indeed, there are NO arguments whatsoever.

She's absolutely certain that she is right and everyone else is wrong, therefore she offers no arguments, no reason, no logic. Why argue when you're already right, right?

Once again, I am prepared to open my mind to some rational case for open borders, for allowing immigration criminals to take taxpayer-funded jobs at public works projects away from American citizens, etc., etc. But I can't argue with a case that's never presented.

Miryam is echoing the position of illegal immigrants and their allies, a position stated most directly by the head of the Irish immigrant organization in Boston who told me "Until you pass laws we agree with, we're going to continue to break them."

Well, that's one way to end the debate. You won't argue and try to persuade me to change the law. Having refused to use the democratic process, you then announce you won't obey the laws American citizens pass anyway. And then you call ME "close minded?"

That's the current state of the "debate" over immigration policy in the US.