Thursday, July 13, 2006

Tell Matt Amorello "It's Time To Bolt!"

Despite flooding, falling debris and a fatality all on his watch, Matt Amorello still refuses to resign. Instead, he's playing rope-a-dope, hoping that after the outrage fades, he'll still be clinging to his job like the clueless sycophant that he is.

Well, if Matt Amorello can't take a hint, then it's up to us to send him a clear message: "It's Time To Bolt!"

That's why I'm asking you to grab a bolt out of your toolbox or utility closet--perhaps like the one in this photo from the Big Dig--drop it in an envelope, write "Matt, It's Time To Bolt!" and send it to The Chairman's office at the Turnpike Authority.

Massachusetts Turnpike Authority
State Transportation Building
10 Park Plaza
Suite 4160
Boston Massachusetts 02116

The tunnel keeps leaking, the debris keeps falling and people are dying. And everytime one of these things happens, the first words out of Matt Amorello are "The tunnels are safe." Will you ever believe him? Of course not.

Matt, you gotta go.