Thursday, August 31, 2006

Extremists Of The World, Unite!

In a speech this morning in Utah, the President of the United States identified the root of the terror problem we face today as "radical extremism."

"...over the decades, an undercurrent of danger was rising in the Middle East. Much of the region was mired in stagnation and despair. A generation of young people grew up with little hope to improve their lives, and many fell under the sway of radical extremism."

Really? Well, as an extremist myself, I am offended by the president's attempts to blame terrorism on me.

Extreme athletes, extreme boxers, extreme opera fans--are they really the source of terrorism? And does avoiding extemism mean you're a good person? Say--a middle-of-the-road serial killer ("Hey, I may kill 'em, but I don't eat 'em! That would be radical!")

Extremism is neither good nor bad. A radical may be a good guy or bad. The word President Bush left out was "Islamic." Islamic extremism is the problem, and Islamic radicals are the killers. What the president has done is to take the two adjectives but to leave out the noun.

Is this part of a new "politically correct" offensive to sway the forces of CAIR & Co.? Let's hope not. The one thing President Bush has gotten right is his willingness to call out our enemies by name. If he loses that, the Bush Doctrine will be completely and utterly dead.