Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Welcome To Boston: Now Pay Up!

In his continuing effort to drive every non-criminal and taxpayer out of the city, Boston Mayor Tom Menino is backing an idea to fine suburbanites who have car accidents in the city. That is, fine them on top of whatever fine they would pay for causing an accident.

The purpose of treating Newtonians and Milfordians differently from Bostonians when they accidentally hit a light pole is....MONEY! It's not enough to pay Boston's sales taxes or patronize Boston businesses. No, commuters who work in the city but can't imagine living in crime-riddled neighborhoods or sending their children to lousy city schools must be punished!

So how long before every city and town picks up on Boston's idea and every local cop is turned into an anti-visitor vulture looking at non-residents as easy marks for a little more city cash?

Message from Boston to tourists and commuters everywhere: Stay away!