Monday, October 30, 2006

All Of These Things Are Just Like The Other

What two things do the following all have in common:

Deval Patrick
Tim Murray
Martha Coakley
William Galvin
Timothy Cahill
Joe DeNucci
Martha Coakley
Marian Walsh
Pam Richardson
Robert O'Leary
Rachel Kaprielian
Ted Kennedy
William D. Delahunt
John F. Tierney
Stephen F. Lynch
John W. Olver
Michael E. Capuano

They've all been endorsed by the Boston Globe. And they're all (prepare to be shocked!)...Democrats.

Now, let's go to the list of Republican candidates for any office endorsed by the Boston Globe in the upcoming election.


Exactly. Not one.

Ah, but it's sheer coincidence, Michael! There just aren't any good Republican candidates this year.

OK, then what about 2002? How many Republicans for major offices did the Globe endorse?


OK, then what about 2000? Surely, in the past six years, the Boston Globe has given its endorsement to at least ONE Republican candidate--right? Just one?

The Globe has become so pathetically and openly partisan that, in at least one endorsement this year, they don't even MENTION the name of the Republican in the race. How sad is that?

Which is why, as of today, New England's Newspaper Of (Broken) Record is officially re-named:

The Boston Globe-Democrat.

There's nothing wrong with being partisan. But there's a lot wrong with pretending you aren't. UPDATE: The New York Times, which owns the Boston Globe-Democrat, has issued all of its endorsements this year and guess how many non-Democrats they're backing?