Tuesday, October 24, 2006

MA State Sen. Marian Walsh Admits It On The Radio**: "I Smoke Pot!"

The ONLY debate between the candidates in the Suffolk-Norfolk State Senate District took place on my radio show Tuesday night, and thanks to an open and honest discussion between incumbent Sen. Marian Walsh and her opponent, Doug Obey, the voters now know that:

Doug Obey will not vote to raise your taxes. Sen. Walsh announced* Tuesday night that she will.

Doug Obey does not believe that illegal immigrants should have the same rights as American citizens. Marian Walsh pledged* her support for immediately giving illegal immigrants all the rights of citizenship.

Doug Obey believes the people should have the right to vote on issues like taxes and marriage. Sen. Marian Walsh told us* she doesn't support democracy.

And finally, Sen. Marian Walsh proudly acknowledged* that she currently smokes pot. Doug Obey doesn't.

I asked the tough questions and we got direct answers from the two candidates. Where else is that happening in the Boston media?

So if you want an admitted* pot-smoking, tax-raiser who doesn't believe in democracy for Americans but supports full citizenship rights for illegal immigrants, vote to re-elect Sen. Marian Walsh!

If you don't, you might consider supporting Doug Obey.

*(Sen. Marian Walsh's answers were all provided by her officially designated representative in the debate, the Magic 8-Ball.)