Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Of John Kerry And "Real Men"

My US Senator, John Kerry, said today that Republicans are afraid to debate "real men" like himself on the issues of Iraq, terrorism, etc.

What an interesting comment. For nearly a year now, I've been hosting a radio talk show here on 96.9 FM TALK in Boston. My producer has repeatedly called Sen. Kerry's office and requested that he join me for an on-air conversation--debate, if you will--on various topics of the day, including I'm sure, Iraq and terrorism.

Sen. Kerry has refused every invitation without explanation.

96.9 FM TALK is a successful FM talk station in Boston, not Boise. The vast majority of our listeners are John Kerry's constituents (we also reach NH and RI). And while I'm not a representative of the GOP, I did spend six years working on Republican political campaigns. I also happen to think John Kerry is wrong on almost every issue, including terrorism and the Middle East.

But John "Real Man" Kerry won't even debate ME? Some "real man."

Senator Kerry, I'll be on the air every day this week. As usual. There is an open invitation for you, sir, to join me any day, any time I'm on the air. As usual. All you have to do is call. Your press flak has the number. I know he does because we've left it with your office repeatedly.

Will you make the call this time, Senator? No, you won't. As usual.

I guess a "real man" really is hard to find.