Monday, November 20, 2006

Thanks, Mumbles.

Did you know that Mayor Thomas Menino was one of the politicians lobbying the hardest to get the legislature to abandon the Constitution and refuse to vote on the marriage amendment?

“I agree with the legislators who voted to deep-six the anti-gay marriage amendment. I hope we can put an end once and for all to this issue and get on to more pressing issues," Menino said after the legislature refused to cast a constitutionally-required vote on a lawfully offered amendment.

Because, sadly, the legislature didn't "vote to deep-six" anything. They voted to go home without voting. That is clearly against the law.

So Mayor Menino supports ignoring laws that we don't like, eh? Gee, I wonder how he'd feel if Boston residents "voted to deep-six" their next property tax bill? Or paying their parking tickets? What's the mayor going to say if we all stop? That we have to obey the law?

If Mayor Menino thinks it's OK for the legislature to break the law, why not the rest of us?