Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Greetings Fellow Haters!

If you think it's reasonable for the citizens of a state to be involved in governing yourselves and making your own laws, the Massachusetts' media have a message for're HATERS! BIGOTS! HOMOPHOBES!

And that's when the Boston Globe- Democrat is being subtle.

I got the same message from FOX 25 this morning and from some of my fellow hosts here at 96.9 FM TALK. If we have a debate on whether or not to undue thousands of years of human social evolution, those who aren't convinced it's time to abandon marriage are going to "spew hate," "can you imagine how hateful the anti-gay-marriage ads are going to be," blah, blah, blah.

It's fascinating, really. Liberals activists are screaming foul insults at you, accusing you without any evidence of being a bigot and/or idiot, insulting the idea that you should be allowed into a ballot box...and YOU'RE the "hater."

Enlightened lefites like Eileen McNamara at the BG-D would argue (for lack of a better word) that the mere fact that you don't support abandoning a social institution that's been working for thousands of years makes you a bigot. You can't support keeping marriage unchanged, she argues, without being evil.

Well, Ms. McNamara, here's a little objective science on the unanswered questions about the costs to all of society from re-defining marriage. I'll be presenting more questions of social, biological and ethical issues raised by re-defining marriage on my show today. Some smart people will agree; some smart people will disagree. None of them will be evil, bigoted or Klansmen for doing so.

Not in my opinion, anyway. I guess that's what makes me a "hater."