Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Just In Case You've STOPPED Laughing At The Nitwits Who Run Boston...

The City Council is scheduled to embarrass itself yet again. Having already solved the problems of illegal immigration (be declaring all immigration criminals "legal") and the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, Boston's local councilors are going to fix America's foreign policy in Iraq and Afghanistan.

No doubt Gen. Petraeus is sitting by the phone waiting to hear from Chuck Turner and Felix Arroyo where he should deploy the 101st Airborne. I'm sure the White House will immediately abandon the war on terror in the Middle East now that the communities of Allston and Roxbury have been lost.

As council Sol LaMattina points out, there's plenty of violence in the streets of Boston for the local government to confront. Of course, that would involve putting more of their constituents in jail and more cops on the streets. That's hard. But bitching about George Bush is easy.

So there WON'T be a debate over adding jail time to criminals caught with guns, but there will be one over whether we should abandon Afghanistan to the Taliban.

Everyone in America should be laughing...except congressional Democrats trying to pass a similar "do nothing but complain"
resolution of their own.

Guys, it's called "leadership." You know--doing the hard stuff that matters?