Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Did Patrick Call From His Car Phone?

You have to wonder if Gov. Deval Patrick was rollin' in his DTS when he made the call to Citibank on behalf of his former employer Ameriquest. Hey--isn't this what rich elitists do? When they're not flying in the state helicopter or putting his wife's personal secretary on the state payroll, they use their public offices to lean on businesses they regulate to get favors for their friends, right?

So why are we surprised the Gov. Patrick has been
caught doing exactly that? What do you expect from an arrogant, elitist snob like the Cadillac of Governors?

Before the election, I dismissed the conventional wisdom that Patrick might be weak on policy, but he's be great at politics. Wrong, I said. Patrick is an elitist ideologue who has never been in the political arena. He's going to strut around, making tin-eared edicts and insisting that his liberalism covers a multitude of sins.

Since taking office, he's done exactly what I predicted he would: "I'm good, and you're bad. So what ever I do must, by definition, be right. Period." Thus, the ethically-challenged, taxpayer-abusive, arrogant "leadership" of Coupe Deval.