Thursday, March 15, 2007

In Defense Of LEGAL Immigration

All the people who should be offended by the open borders/amnesty movement led by George W. Bush and Sen. Kennedy, the most outraged should be every legal immigrant and nationalized citizen who obeyed the law.

I mentioned the story of my father's former employee, Eugen, who came from Romania, stayed and worked and paid ALL his taxes until his visa expired, and now is sitting in Canada waiting for permission to return...all while millions of immigration criminals steal the jobs he would like to be doing here legally.

written about Eugen's case, and asked amnesty supporting politicians to get involved. You know what that got him? Nada. The cheaters still win, and the law-abiding, honest immigrants are turned into suckers.

As I asked amnesty-supporter US Sen. Lindsey Graham: "Why, Sen. Graham, should a handicapped Romanian TV repairman have more respect for our laws and our borders than you do? "