Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sen. Kennedy, How Can You Sleep At Night?

OK, admittedly there are many things that could keep Massachusetts' senior senator up at night, from his memories of Chappaquiddick to the two college interns lying on top of him. But I'm specifically referring to what Sen. Kennedy has done to this poor woman, Barthila Solano.

Ms. Solano's sad tale is in today's Boston Globe-Democrat, and it reveals just how heartless and cruel liberals like Sen. Kennedy are when it comes to illegal immigrants. They couldn't be more brutal.

Solano's story is heartbreaking: Earning $5 a day in Ecuador, she and her husband borrowed $25,000 from criminal human smugglers to sneak into the United States. She traveled for 100 days, burned under the desert sun, had to be carried by two men and was caught twice (fortunately, the nice smuggler men told her to lie and claim to be Mexican so she could stay in Mexico and keep coming).

Once in the US, she got the worst jobs at the worst pay because, as she says herself, she had no papers. Now she's been caught, she faces deportation and she owes more than $22,000 to the smugglers waiting back in Ecuador. The four children she abandoned back in Ecuador--including a daughter with epilepsy--have no parents and, now, no money.

Broken families, physical abuse, horrifying poverty and crippling debt--Sen. Kennedy, have you no shame? You're partially responsible for this horror.

What do you mean it's not Sen. Kennedy's fault because he opposes immigration law enforcement? Don't you see that none of this would have happened to Ms. Solano if America enforced the law?

If people like Solano knew that there was a reasonable chance of being caught and deported, it wouldn't be worth the risk to borrow tens of thousands of dollars to steal low-paying American jobs. Unfortunately for Ms. Solano, Sen. Kennedy, the Mira Coalition, and La Raza have been luring people like her to the US with promises that the law would not be enforced, that she could avoid the consequences of her illegal actions, that it isn't a gamble to come to the US, but more like a "sure thing."

Well, Sen. Kennedy, you got her here. You've helped screw up her life forever, along with the lives of her four abandoned kids. What are you going to do about it?

You might consider "enforcing the law."