Friday, March 09, 2007

New Bedford: Who's The Bad Guy?

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick is outraged that illegal immigrants who had children were detained in New Bedford and are being deported. He's angrily denouncing the "heavy handed" enforcement of the law, the "human tragedy" the "humiliation, fear, anxiety and uncertainty" these immigration criminals felt because the mean-spirited bastards of Immigration and Customs Enforcement did their jobs.

In Deval Patrick's Massachusetts, the criminals are the good guys and the folks who enforce the law are the bad guys.

OK, fine. So tell me who's the bad guy in this scenario:

A young man with limited education lives in New Bedford, MA. He tries to get a job, but because New Bedford has
the highest unemployment rate in Massachusetts, he can't find one in his hometown.

So he leaves, goes and stands in line for government benefits, and the taxpayers end up paying him to stay poor and not work. Meanwhile, the job he was denied is being done by people who AREN'T paying the taxes they owe, many of whom are sending large portions of their checks to Guatemala and Mexico.

Governor Patrick, who's the bad guy here? Can't blame the young man--he wants a job. Can't blame the illegals, either--not as long as you continue to welcome them to Massachusetts and announce your opposition to enforcing the law. Governor, they assume you WANT them here.

You can blame the employer, but not much. Once again, he's giving jobs to friends of Deval. If the owners of the sweatshop had announced that they were firing all the illegals and turning their names over to ICE, would Gov. Patrick have held a press conference praising them for upholding the law?

Yeah, right.

The person to blame for the "humanitarian crisis" in New Beford is...Gov. Patrick. He and his fellow supporters of open borders/amnesty are doing everything they can to keep sweatshops like these open all over America. If busting the immigration criminals is wrong, then leaving them here in America, stealing jobs and services, must be right.

Patrick would say "No, the right thing to do is to grant them legal status." Fine. Let's do it tomorrow. Gov. Patrick, would you then support workplace enforcement the day AFTER tomorrow? No. The day after amnesty was granted, Patrick would be denouncing the deportations of the next wave of illegal aliens.

Somone is going to suffer under the open borders policy supported by Deval Patrick. He just wants to make sure that the people suffering are Americans--not the immigration criminals who come to Deval's Massachusetts.