Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Amnesty Uber Alles!

That is the battle cry of pro-open borders activists in Massachusetts today in the wake of yesterday's arrest of 300+ illegal immigrants at a sweat shop in New Bedford. Groups like the Mira Coalition are denouncing the arrests and demanding that the illegals be released immediately. How DARE the evil, racist American government do something as evil as (gasp!) enforce the law!

This position puts us evil Americans--you know, the radicals who think nations are entitled to police and secure their borders--in a strange position. Exactly what would the Left have us do about borders?

Mira, La Raza, the Democratic Party and other pro-illegal groups oppose a wall at the border, they oppose an American military presence on the border and they blame border security efforts for the deaths of illegals every year in the deserts of the American southwest.

So we're not allowed to defend the border.

Once Rosalita sneaks into the US, she is (the amnesty advocates say) entitled to public schools, medical services, tax-funded housing, and full protections at the workplace like any US citizen.

So we're not allowed to uphold the laws regarding the treatment of illegal aliens.

Then, if we happen to catch Rosalita working at an illegal sweatshop in New Bedford, she should not be arrested, not be detained and not be deported.

Which means we're not allowed to deport illegal immigrants, either.

This is the "border security" plan of the Left? Then I have a question: If we're not going to stop you from getting in, keep you out of the taxpayers' pockets, or kick you out when we catch you--why wouldn't EVERY would-be illegal immediately head for the US border? Why not?

And if no security/no enforcement/no deportations is such a great policy, why is America the only country in the world giving it a try? If it's so smart, why aren't the French doing it, eh, Sen. Kerry?