Thursday, March 08, 2007

Illegal Advocates: "It's All America's Fault!"

Hundreds of illegal immigrants break the law, commit identity fraud, cheat on their taxes and get caught. Who are the bad guys?

Why, the people who caught them, of course!

The arrest of these criminals in New Bedford yesterday is a "humanitarian disaster," an "outrage," and "injustice!" Adrian Walker at the Boston Globe-Democrat says that enforcing immigration laws is a bigger crime than breaking them. The usually sensible Boston Herald (hey, they run my columns!) blames law enforcement for " a chain reaction of unspeakable human misery" because some of the immigration criminals have kids.


All of the misery in New Bedford began when hundreds of illegal aliens chose to sneak into the US and steal jobs, and five people (mostly immigrants) chose to hire, aid and abet them. If our immigration laws had been enforced, those jobs would have gone to legal US residents. They would have paid more, and been done in better conditions than the sweatshop squalor spawned by lawlessness.

If the law had been enforced, the city of New Bedford, state of Massachusetts and US Treasury would all have collected more tax dollars for public services. The children of legal residents would have had working parents with more money to provide for them.

Instead, we have the horrors of New Bedford, all thanks to the many, many Massachusetts politicians who think law enforcement is the problem.

A spokesperson for the MIRA Coalition says "We are going to ask that [ICE officials] don't deport anyone."

And why should they? If anyone should be deported, it's the ICE agents themselves. They're the real criminals here. Right, Adrian?