Thursday, April 26, 2007

Plastic Bags? No! Body Bags? No Biggie.

Boston city councilor and notorious Nanny-State kook Rob Consalvo is at it again. He wants to criminalize plastic shopping bags in Beantown. He got the idea from San Francisco--'nuff said--and (surprise!) he's already got nine votes on the 12-member city council for the ban.

This has to come as a great relief to Consalvo's constituents in Mattapan. When your community's nickname is "Murder-pan," the number one issue on your mind has to be plastic shopping bags.

Consalvo says the bags are a blight. They're annoying. They litter the sidewalks of Mattapan, obscuring the view of the chalk drawings and blood stains. Something must be done! And, with a 9-vote majority, probably will be.

Meanwhile, State Sen. Brian Joyce is trying to get rid of the plastic bags statewide. His plan is to charge shoppers up to 15 cents per bag if they choose plastic over paper. Doesn't this insensitive earth-hater know that paper bags come from TREES! Why, every paper bag I choose is equal to at least a dozen "one-square" visits to the potty by Sheryl Crow.

Save Shery's Potty! Choose Plastic!

UPDATE: For other examples of Consalvo's kookery, look
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